Already Doing Musical Improv

How to Keep Improving

Getting Reps

The best way to get better at musical improv, like any craft, is to get reps–experience DOING the thing. The most affordable way to get reps is to attend musical improv jams regularly. Getting reps as part of a team is another great way to improve your musical improv skills.

Honing Your Craft

Our craft is always developing and fostering that development is important. We can do that by taking classes or workshops, establishing an at-home practice routine to work out important skills, and watching musical improv shows with an analytical eye.

Connecting with the Community

Getting to know other musical improvisers through classes, jams, shows or social media is an important part of developing as a musical improviser. Finding those opportunities to connect is essential. Plus it's fun!

Getting Reps

Attend Jams

A jam is a free or low-cost event held at an improv theater where attendees get the chance to play freely. Every musical improv jam is different, but they are a great way to get some stage time in a low-stakes, supportive setting. See a calendar of upcoming musical improv jams in the bay area.

Join a Training Team or House Team

Joining a training team or house team associated with a theater allows you to get more experience without dealing with the logistical hurdles of finding a coach, Musical Director, rehearsal space and show opportunities. Two theaters offer training or house teams: All Out Comedy and Leela. Learn about training and house teams in the bay area.

Join or Form an Indie Team

Independent musical improv teams provide more flexibility than a training or house team and oftentimes are a lower time commitment. Such indie teams do require each team member to handle the logistics of running a team. There are currently several indie teams in the bay area. Learn about auditioning for indie teams or forming your own.

Honing Your Craft

Take Classes and Workshops

No matter where we are in our musical improv journeys, classes and workshops can be invaluable. Different teachers will have different approaches and tools to teach. Classes at various levels are taught at five bay area theaters: All Out Comedy, BATS, Endgames Improv, Leela and Made Up Improv. Learn about musical improv classes in the bay area.

Practice at Home

Practicing musical improv on your own is an important part of keeping your skills sharp. Regular rhyming practice, real-time harmonizing and improvising to pre-recorded tracks are all great ways to work your musical improv muscles in between jams, rehearsals and shows. Learn more about musical improv exercises you can do at home.

Watch Shows

Watching others perform musical improv with an analytical focus is a key part of honing our own skill set. While watching, notice the moves that delight you, the moments that don’t feel quite right, and ideas you’d like to try in your own improv. See a calendar of upcoming shows in the bay area.

Connecting with the Community

Connect at Jams

Musical improv jams aren’t just about getting reps, they’re also great for making new friends in the community. Don’t head straight out after a jamstick around and offer to socialize with others. It can take time to find your people, but it will only happen if you put yourself out there!

Connect on Social Media

If you're not yet a member of the Facebook group Musical Improv in the Bay Area, you should join it now! This group is a great way to learn about musical improv opportunities and also to share your own experiences and projects with the broader community!

Connect at Shows

Attending musical improv shows is a good way to connect with the community. Many of those same musical improv nerds you’ve seen at the jams or taken a class with might be there watching or even performing. Better yet, invite some friends from a jam or Facebook to go watch a show together.