Musical Improv Reps

A Guide to Getting Reps in the Bay Area

Reps are an important part of developing as a musical improviser. Reps can mean anything that gets you experience playing and putting musical improv principles into practice, whether at a jam or as a part of a team. 

Musical Improv Jams

Musical improv jams are a great way to get reps. There are regular musical improv jams at All Out Comedy in Oakland and Leela in San Francisco; and periodic musical jams at BATS in San Francisco.

All Out Comedy Musical Improv Jam

All Out Comedy hosts a monthly musical improv jam at its theater in Uptown Oakland on the fourth Saturday of every month, from 5-7pm. All Out Comedy jams are posted here. Tickets for the jam cost $5.

Leela Musical Improv Jam

Leea hosts a bi-monthly musical improv jam at its theater in downtown San Francisco. Jam dates are typically announced several weeks in advance. Leela jams are posted here. Admission to the jam is free.

BATS Musical Improv Jam

BATS holds periodic musical jams on Sundays from 5-7pm. Dates for these jams are posted in advance. Upcoming jams are posted here. Tickets for the jam are $30.

To find out dates for all upcoming jams, check out our calendar of upcoming events.

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Training/House Teams

Two bay area theaters offer musical improv training or house teams–ensembles that are provided a coach, Musical Director, rehearsal space and regular performance opportunities in return for fees or dues. Such teams hold semi-regular auditions, which you can learn about by subscribing to updates here.

Musical Improv House Team (All Out Comedy)

Starting in spring 2024, the All Out Comedy Musical Improv House Team will provide the opportunity to rehearse weekly and play regularly with a live Musical Director at All Out Comedy’s theater in Uptown Oakland. Auditions are held when needed.

Performing Improv Ensemble (Leela)

Leela’s Performing Improv Ensemble (P.I.E.) is a mainstay of the San Francisco improv community and includes a long-running musical improv P.I.E., which rehearses weekly and plays three performances each quarter. Auditions are held quarterly. Learn More.

Indie Teams

The bay area is home to several independent musical improv teams that may seek out additional players when needed. These teams are not associated with any single theater and may rehearse and play in different spaces and theaters.

Flashmob the Musical (Endgames)

San Francisco’s longest running musical montage improv team, members of the Flashmob the Musical team have regular rehearsals and play twice a month at Endgames Improv in San Francisco’s Mission District and once a month at Made Up Theatre in Fremont. Auditions are held when needed.

Other Indie Teams

While a number of indie teams stopped playing as a result of the pandemic, there are several that still rehearse and perform, including La Spazzatura, All That Jazz and Operavised! If you’re interested in joining an existing team, start by catching a show. If it seems like you might be a good fit, introduce yourself and find out if they’re having auditions.

Form a New Indie Team

Forming a new independent team is challenging, but if you have a group of dedicated musical improvisers, it can be a great way to get reps. The major logistical hurdles are finding a Musical Director and coach you like working with and getting access to an affordable rehearsal space. Learn more about how to start your own indie team.